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15 track album. The most full-on recording from THE DOMESTICS yet, with the Japanese HC influences coming through to mix with the UKHC/USHC influences a little more than previously.

'Fuck Your War' features the brutal vocals of Dean Jones from the legenary EXTREME NOISE TERROR / RAW NOISE

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MAXIMUM ROCK ‘N’ ROLL (U.S.): After a somber thirty second intro, the DOMESTICS do not let up for the entirety of their album. Every song is pummelling, to the point, fierce and full of fucking energy. Seriously, if you’re gonna play hardcore in this day and age, don’t fuck around. THE DOMESTICS got the memo. With song titles like ‘Get Fucked’, ‘Fuck Your War’, ‘Pills’ and ‘A Pox on this Life’, you probably have a good idea of what you’re getting yourself into. The presentation is your basic style of ‘80s US hardcore, but it’s done well and is pissed beyond belief. Only one song lasts longer than two minutes. Stellar. ’Life Stinks, We’re Fucked!!!’

RAZORCAKE (U.S.): A doozy of a full length from the band that impressed with their G.D.P. EP a few issues back. Same drill here—well above-average U.K. hardcore with intelligent, topical lyrics delivered with righteous ferocity in lengths shorter than many other bands’ song intros. They get the blood pumping from go and don’t let up until they decide you’ve had enough, and by then all you wanna do is start the pummelling all over again, bleedin’ ears be damned.…/domestics-routine-and-ritual

SAVAGE AMUSEMENT (UK): Fast punk or hardcore these days usually means some throaty monotone deliberately out of tune singer destroying anything that his band are capable of . Thankfully we finally have an exception ! The music is brutal , the production raging and the lyrics sarcastic till the bitter end , with scene posers , gobshites , macho men and consumerism getting short shrift and best of all James has one of them voices that tops it off perfectly . He'll probably have no throat left by the time he's 40 but this is great CONFLICT style punk meets HC with fantastic production and musicianship . . TNS's finest moment.

SCANNER (NEW ZEALAND): Second album from this brutal Hardcore band outta the Ipswich, UK area and it’s certainly a step-up. The riffs are speedier and more clinical whilst retaining a distinct Punk abrasion, the rhythm section is locked in and the vocals spat out with a fusion of anger, discontent and aspiration. The 15 songs hurtle by in 17 minutes with highlights being closer ‘Nothing Factory II’, the damning ‘Punk Points’, the disarmingly catchy ‘Pills’ and, out right stunner, the destructive riff frenzy that is ‘A Pox On This Life’. Dean Jones, of Ipswich legends EXTREME NOISE TERROR belches out some vocal duties on ‘Fuck Your War’ also. Have to say though, this is not an ENT blast; only ‘Commodify Our Love’ could be said to feature those ENT-esque blast beats. I actually heard a bit of HERESY here, if mixed with a wipe of DISCHARGE, a dollop of FILTHKICK and a spoonful of POISON IDEA. The Japanese HC vibe of previous releases seemed minimised too. Good stuff and by far the most bilious and savage of releases on TNS thus far.

SUSPECT DEVICE (UK) If you want to know what keeps me motivated to keep involved with this punk rock lark, just play this record. THE DOMESTICS have always been a good band, but here they take it to the next level with a brilliant album that is without doubt the best thing they have released so far. There’s no messing around or niceties here; it’s an all-out assault of pummelling, fast punk rock with lyrics attacking the ills of the world and humankind. An album full or energy, anger, speed and power is just what is needed to prove that DIY punk is alive and kicking and as relevant as ever. This is released by TNS Records along with Kibou, Imminent Destruction and Orchestrated Dystopia, so hats off to them for making this happen.

BREW FOR BREAKFAST (UK): THE DOMESTICS are as unrelenting as ever with their latest release, Routine and Ritual (25/12/14). Hardcore punk at its finest, from the short intro this album never lets up. Intense political hardcore that’s continuously ferocious, you’ll be hard pushed to find a 2014 album with more energy. Breaking this down track by track would be too opinionated and that’s what I love, a hardcore punk album in this day and age that hits the nail on the head about contemporary issues; fast guitar, heavy bass and wicked fucking drums, I’m reminded somewhat of Minor Threat and the US hardcore scene, but treated to those classic English Punk Rock vocals that gives it an edge that stands out. Each track is short, sweet, fucking brutal and definitely something worth letting your ears bleed to.

OLIVER ARDITI DOT COM (UK): Another band that keeps getting better with each release, not to mention more succinct. The shortest release in this survey, by a country mile, Routine and Ritual has as much to say as any of them. Contemporary hardcore punk of the most intense and politically rigorous character, this is as exciting as it is thought-provoking or rabble-rousing. Top whack malarkey.



released December 25, 2014



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Track Name: Shut Down
Disconnected circuits, wires torn and frayed / A logic of frustration where connections can’t be made / Shut down / Wired by an idiot, components misaligned / Just can’t seem to operate in this paradigm / Shut down / Searching for the manual, grasping for a sign / Get a grip then superseded every single time / Shut down.
Track Name: Wrong
Spewing your drivel like a ‘moron’ possessed / Why seek recourse to reason when you can beat your chest? / You’re wrong! / Wrong! / You’re just wrong! / Your prejudices worn like a coat of arms / it’s like you can’t engage in case they end up tarnished / You’re wrong! / Wrong! / You’re just fucking wrong! / I should defend your right to say what you like / But how can I in good faith when you’re just not right?
Track Name: Fuck Your War (feat. Dean Jones)
A war against culture, a war against thought / A media-tized concoction of the very worst sort / A war against expression, a war on your street / Against anything that doesn’t serve the corporate elite / Fuck your war / A war against reason, a war against the heart / Hateful propaganda helps to keep us apart / A war against the plural, a war from above / A discourse of hate disguised as love / Fuck your war / A war against nature, a war against choice / An ideological pursuit of an homogenised voice / A war against your movements, a war against what you say / Longing for a mythical past means a war against today/ Fuck your war / Fuck you and fuck your war.
Track Name: Diet Time
Cutting back, sort wheat from chaff / Life got bloated, drain the fat / Diet! Diet time! / Gorged on crap, take something back / Purge, refine, get back on track / Diet! Diet time! / Slow the pace, reflect, erase / A mental diet, a dignified space / Diet! Diet time!
Track Name: Get Fucked
‘Tastemakers’ tell you what to think / Punks even tell you what to think / Tell ‘em all they fucking stink / Get fucked! Tell ‘em all to get fucked / Don’t want those idiots on my screen / Don’t want those idiots in my brain / To them all I have to say’s / Get fucked! / Bullshit on a silver platter / All integrity is shattered / I don’t care and you don’t matter so…
Track Name: Punk Points
Latch onto things that you don’t understand / Try on a new set of beliefs / Think that that’s punk? You’re making a stand? / You just want some cred on the scene / Punk points / You want punk points/ Ticking punk boxes makes you feel good / But there’s no thought behind what you say / You’ve got all the clothes, the records and stuff / But you’ll soon find a new game to play / Punk points / You want punk points / You’ve got one about coppers, one about war / One about MPs, racism and more / But they’re just empty words, something to shout / You don’t really know what the fuck they’re about…
Track Name: Nerve Damage
Living with the contradiction / Of a stagnant culture / And the illusion of perpetual motion / A mediatised life / Pumped full of poison, kept from the truth / You’ll never be free now you’ve got/ Nerve Damage / Bombardment of the senseless / Your empathy dulled / What’s the point in giving a shit / When you feel bitter and old?
Track Name: Orchestrate Your Pose
The game’s up, it’s dead / Now the scavengers can’t be fed / Don’t know what to do or say, alone and exposed, so… / Who’s gonna? Who’s gonna? / Orchestrate your pose? / PR overboard / With a stylist you can’t afford / Any vision that you had disappeared up your nose, so… / You don’t understand / You had the public in the palm of your hand / Milked them while you could but it was emperor’s new clothes.
Track Name: Pills
I need pills to get up in the morning / I need pills to get to sleep at night / I need pills to get out of my brain / I need pills just to feel alright / I…need…pills / I need pills to stave off the darkness / I need pills so I don’t have to hide / I need pills to function socially / I need pills to get numb inside / (what do I need?)/ I…need…pills / I need pills / I need pills / I need pills / I need pills.
Track Name: Chest Pains
I get up at five AM, I come back home at nine (PM) / I get up at five AM, I come back home at nine / By the time the weekend comes I’m more dead than alive / Chest pains / Aaarrgh! Aaarrgh! / My wife’s a total stranger, my kids a mystery / Getting with their own lives, they never fucking see me / Chest pains / Aaarrgh! Aaarrgh! / Saturdays at the office, a never ending week / I’m overweight and underpaid with furred up arteries / Chest pains / Aaarrgh! Aaarrgh! I get up at five AM, I come back home at nine (PM)/ Chest pains.
Track Name: A Pox on This Life
Kicked in the heart, kicked in the head / Depression and anger gnaw / Life makes no sense, the odds stacked against / Can’t take it no more, can’t take it no more! / A pox on life / A pox on this life / Riddled with failure, awash with defeat / Still turning an endless screw / A dumb piece of meat with a life on repeat / What more can I do? What more can I do? / Never catch up, never gain ground / Why would I even compete? / That cry is the sound of an atheist unwound / Pray for release!
Track Name: Life Stinks, We're Fucked
Dance while you can / Assume no tomorrow / This moment is borrowed / Life stinks, we’re fucked! / Doom-mongers circle / We take to our beds / The Daily Mail says / Life stinks, we’re fucked! / Shake the shit off your shoes / A worldview accrued / Reinterpret the truth / Life stinks, we’re fucked! / Life stinks, we’re fucked!
Track Name: Commodify Our Love
Our sense of self / so irretrievably / Caught up with what we purchase / It’s a disease / Sucked in, spat out / Quantify our love / Commodify our love / Consumer goods / So ripe with meaning / Tools of evaluation / Expressing what we’re ‘worth’ / Social construction / Of Hallmark occasions / Modes of expression / That shame us all.
Track Name: Nothing Factory II
Cheapening knowledge production through infantile regurgitation / Facts about nothing in the name of self perpetuation / We all collude in this scheme / We can’t resist the nothing factory / Purchase of consumer goods make us feel alive / Shores up class and taste and culture, if only in our minds / The more we buy into this dream / The less we feel in the nothing factory / Clock in! / Polishing our piles of words, we gaze into the sheen / Producing and consuming junk, it’s cultural morphine / Dead eyes stare as promises gleam / March on towards the nothing factory…